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Pokemon GO, the immensely popular augmented reality mobile game, has captured the hearts of trainers worldwide since its release in 2016. As players strive to catch ’em all, one essential tool that can aid in their quest is the Pokemon GO PC Calculator. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of this calculator, its importance in the game, and how to use it effectively.

In the world of Pokemon GO, trainers often wonder how to strategically calculate CP gains to maximize the strength of their Pokemon. This process involves careful planning and leveling up your creatures to be formidable competitors in battles against other trainers and in gyms.

What is a Pokemon GO PC Calculator?

The Pokemon GO PC Calculator is a valuable online tool that assists trainers in determining the Power Combat (PC) of their Pokemon. PC is a crucial metric that represents a Pokemon’s overall strength in battles.


The primary purpose of the PC Calculator is to evaluate a Pokemon’s potential and help trainers make informed decisions about which Pokemon to invest Stardust and candies in.

How Does the Pokemon GO PC Calculator Work?

Input Data

  • Species: Select the specific Pokemon from a comprehensive list.
  • CP (Combat Points): Enter the current CP of your Pokemon.
  • Trainer Level: Input your trainer level.
  • Dust and Candy Cost: Specify the amount of Stardust and candies required to power up or evolve the Pokemon.

Output Data

  • Potential CP Range: The calculator provides an estimate of your Pokemon’s CP at different levels.
  • Power-Up Costs: It also displays the Stardust and candy costs for each power-up.

Why is the Pokemon GO PC Calculator Important?

  • The PC Calculator helps trainers maximize their battle performance. By knowing the potential CP of their Pokemon, trainers can make strategic decisions in battles, ensuring they have the upper hand against opponents.
  • Effective use of resources is vital in Pokemon GO. The calculator assists in managing Stardust and candies efficiently. It helps trainers avoid wasting these valuable resources on Pokemon with limited potential.
  • The calculator is particularly useful for deciding which Pokemon to evolve. By estimating the CP range of potential evolutions, trainers can choose the most powerful candidates.

Tips for Using the Pokemon GO PC Calculator

  • Since Pokemon GO continues to evolve with updates, the calculator should be used with the latest data to ensure accurate results.
  • Individual Values (IVs) are hidden stats that further affect a Pokemon’s strength. Trainers may also use IV calculators in conjunction with the PC Calculator for a more comprehensive assessment.
  • A Pokemon’s moveset can significantly impact its battle effectiveness. The calculator does not account for movesets, so trainers should consider this aspect separately.

Popular PC Calculators

  • Pokebattler is a popular online PC Calculator known for its accuracy and extensive database. It provides advanced features such as raid simulations and breakpoint calculations.
  • The Silph Road offers a user-friendly PC Calculator that also integrates IV and moveset information. It’s a valuable resource for dedicated trainers.


In the world of Pokemon GO, knowledge is power, and the Pokemon GO PC Calculator is an essential tool that empowers trainers to make informed decisions about their Pokemon. By understanding how this tool works and following best practices, trainers can optimize their teams, manage resources effectively, and become true Pokemon masters in their quest to catch ’em all.

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