How do you calculate Buddy hearts in Pokemon go?

If you’re an avid Pokemon Go player, chances are you’ve come across the concept of “Buddy hearts.” But what exactly are they and how do you calculate them? In this blog post, we’ll walk through exactly what buddy hearts are, why they matter, and how to calculate them so that you can see your progress and maximize your rewards.

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What are Buddy Hearts?

In Pokemon Go, buddy hearts refer to a specific type of loyalty reward system. When you choose one of your pokemon to become your “buddy”, it will be assigned a certain number of hearts. The more points (or “hearts”) that accumulate for your buddy over time, the more rewards you will receive. The rewards range from in-game items such as pokeballs or potions to special pokemon encounters.

Why Do Buddy Hearts Matter?

Buddy hearts matter because they serve as a measure of loyalty between you and your pokemon buddy. As your loyalty grows, so do the rewards! It is also important to note that the amount of time it takes to accumulate points varies depending on the pokemon species you have chosen as a buddy – some require more time than others. For example, if you chose Magikarp as your buddy, it will take longer for him to accumulate points than if you had chosen Pikachu!

How Do You Calculate Buddy Hearts?

Calculating buddy hearts is easy! All you have to do is follow these steps: 1) Choose a pokemon to be your buddy 2) Walk with your buddy every day 3) Accumulate three hearts per kilometer walked 4) Claim rewards when enough points have been accumulated 5) Repeat! By following these simple steps, you can track how much progress has been made with each individual pokemon and collect those valuable rewards!


Understanding how to calculate buddy hearts in Pokemon Go is key if you want to maximize the rewards associated with having a loyal companion by your side during battles or adventures. By following these simple steps — choosing a pokemon, walking with it every day, accumulating three hearts per kilometer walked — players can easily track their progress and collect awesome rewards! And remember — different species may require more time than others when it comes to building up those precious heart points; so pick wisely and keep walking until those rewards start rolling in. Good luck out there trainers!

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