How much does a Pokemon’s CP increase when evolved?

If you’ve ever played Pokemon Go, you know that CP stands for Combat Power. It’s an important stat for any Pokemon because it reflects how powerful they are in battle. But what happens to a Pokemon’s CP when it evolves? Do their stats go up or down? Let’s dive into the numbers and see!

The CP growth estimator is an invaluable tool for Pokemon trainers, providing insights into the potential power of your Pokémon as they level up. By utilizing this tool, you can make informed decisions on how to maximize your Pokémon’s combat capabilities and performance in battles.

How Does Evolution Affect CP?

Evolution is a major part of the game; as your Pokemon level up, they can evolve into more powerful forms. As they evolve, their stats—including CP—increase. The amount by which they increase depends on several factors including type, IVs (Individual Values), and base stats. Generally speaking, however, most evolved forms have around twice the CP of their pre-evolved form. This means that if your unevolved Pokemon has 500 CP, its evolved form will usually have 1000+ CP. Obviously, this varies from Pokemon to Pokemon and situation to situation but this is a good estimate!

What About Stardust and Candy?

Other factors that affect how much your Pokémon’s CP increases when it evolves is Stardust and Candy. To evolve a Pokémon you need both of these resources; candy is specific to each species while stardust is universal across all species. The more stardust and candy you use when evolving your Pokémon, the higher its resulting CP will be! So if you want a really powerful evolved Pokémon, make sure to stock up on both of these resources before making the decision to evolve!

Where Can I Find Stardust & Candy? Stardust can be found by catching wild Pokémon or spinning PokeStops while candy can only be obtained by catching wild Pokémon or transferring them back to Professor Willow at the start of your journey. You get 3 candies per transfer so if you’re looking for a specific type of candy, it might be worth transferring some extra Pokémon in order to get enough candy for evolution.


Overall, evolving your pokemon can be extremely beneficial as it will often double its overall combat power (CP). In order to maximize the effectiveness of this process, however, make sure to stock up on both stardust and candy beforehand as these two resources will determine just how powerful your evolved pokemon becomes! For all aspiring pokemon trainers out there – get ready for battle! Good luck!

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