How much CP does purifying give you?

As an avid Pokemon Go player knows, purifying your captured Pokémon can yield more CP. But how much CP do you actually get when you purify a Pokémon? Let’s take a closer look at the process that yields the most CP gains when purifying and why it’s so important for serious players.

The Basics of Purifying Pokemon

Purifying is the process of taking an already-captured Pokémon and increasing its Combat Points (CP). To do this, you must first have a Pokémon that was originally captured by another trainer. If it’s a wild Pokémon that you caught yourself, purifying won’t work because it has no prior history with another trainer. The second step is to use Stardust and Candy to power up your new acquisition. This will add additional CP points to your Pokémon but not as many as if you were to purify it. Finally, after powering up your Pokémon with Stardust and Candy, you can then purify it for even more CP gains.

The amount of CP Gained from Purifying

So what kind of numbers can we expect from purifying our Pokemon? On average, the amount of CP gained through purification is approximately half of the amount gained from powering up with Stardust and Candy. For example, if a particular Pokemon gains 100 CP from being powered up with Stardust and Candy, then it would gain about 50 more CP points when purified. However, this number varies depending on several factors such as the type of Pokemon, its base stats, and its level. In some cases, the difference may be lower or higher than 50 points depending on these variables.

Why You Should Purify Your Captured Pokmeon

Purifying your captured pokemon is essential for serious players who want to maximize their chances of winning battles against other trainers in gyms or raids. Higher Combat Points mean stronger attacks and better defense against opponents which could make all the difference in tight battles or difficult raid encounters. Furthermore, since purification requires both Stardust and Candy which are two resources often in short supply among players who don’t actively play every day, this process should be reserved only for those rare occasions when one finds particularly powerful pokemon that they would like to keep in their arsenal for tougher battles ahead!


That said, understanding how much extra combat power (CP) one gets from purifying their acquired pokemon is essential if one wants to maximize their chances of victory in battle or raids while still using resources efficiently! By following the steps outlined above – finding an acquired pokemon with high base stats; powering it up with stardust and candy; then finally purifying it – one can ensure that they get maximum returns on their investment when battling other trainers or participating in raids! With that knowledge under your belt now go out there and catch ’em all!

To succeed in competitive Pokemon battles, trainers strive to maximize Pokemon strength. Through strategic moves, careful training, and selecting the right abilities, you can enhance your Pokemon’s power to its full potential and dominate in battles

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