How rare are 100 IV Pokemon?

You’ve probably heard of IVs (Individual Values) when it comes to Pokemon. But what exactly are they – and how rare are the coveted 100 IV Pokemon? In this blog, we’ll take a look at what IVs are, why they matter, and how rare it is to find 100 IV Pokemon in the wild.

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What Are Individual Values (IVs)?

In the world of Pokemon, each creature has six stats based on its species: Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, Speed, and HP (or Hit Points). Each of these stats has an associated IV value ranging from 0-31 – so for example a fully evolved Charizard could have Attack with an IV Value of 13; Defense with an IV Value of 24; etc. The higher the number for each stats associated IV value, the better that stat will be for that particular Pokemon. This can make all the difference in competitive battles between similarly leveled creatures.

Why Do They Matter?

IVs determine the hidden strength of a given Pokemon – even if two creatures have identical CP values (Combat Power), their individual stats may not be equal because of their respective IV values. High-level trainers pay close attention to these numbers as they try to build their ultimate team!

How Rare Are 100 IV Pokémon?

A perfect 100 IV Pokemon is one whose stats are all maxed out at 31. While you can attempt to calculate your chances mathematically using some dedicated tools online – suffice it to say that finding such a creature is rare indeed! To put it into perspective: Niantic estimates that there’s only about a 0.1% chance of encountering a level 30 wild pokemon with perfect individual values across all six stats. Even if you manage to catch one such creature in the wild, you can expect plenty more work before you get your perfect team together!


All in all, it takes time and patience to build your dream team in Pokémon Go – but now you know why high-level players look for perfect individual values when catching new Pocket Monsters! With only about a 0.1% chance of encountering a perfectly I’d level 30 creature out in the wild, it’s no wonder that players take such care when searching for new members for their teams! Good luck on your journey toward becoming the very best Trainer there ever was!

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