How rare is a 0 IV in Pokemon Go?

For the uninitiated, IV stands for ‘Individual Value’ and it is an important concept to understand when playing the popular Pokemon Go game. In this blog post, we will explore what a 0 IV is, how rare it is and if there are any advantages to having one.

What Is a 0 IV?

IVs are values that determine how powerful each individual Pokémon is. They range from 0 to 15 for each stat (Attack, Defense, and Stamina). The higher the value, the better the stats of that particular Pokémon. A Pokémon with all three stats at 15 would be considered perfect or maxed out and a Pokémon with all three stats at zero would be considered 0 IV or “zeroed”.

In Pokemon GO, the IV-0 probability breakdown is a crucial metric that sits at the core of Pokémon appraisal. This analysis helps trainers evaluate the potential of their Pokémon by providing insights into individual values, ultimately guiding decisions on powering up or evolving their Pokémon to optimize performance in battles and raids. Understanding this probability breakdown is essential for strategic gameplay and making the most of your Pokémon roster.

How Rare Is a 0 IV?

While it’s not impossible to find a 0 IV in Pokemon Go, these types of Pokemon are incredibly rare. So rare in fact, that many players have gone years without ever encountering one. This rarity makes them highly sought after and desirable among avid players of the game.

What advantages Of Having A 0 IV?

The main advantage to having a 0 IV is that you can use it as fodder for powering up other stronger Pokémon. For example, if you have two identical Pokémon but one has a higher overall score due to its higher individual values (IVs) then you can use the weaker one as candy power-up material for your stronger one without feeling guilty about sacrificing something valuable.

Additionally, those who are looking to complete their Pokédex may be more inclined to catch a weaker version of an already existing species in order to add it to their collection without spending too much time and resources trying to obtain an elusive perfect version of that species.


Having a 0 IV in Pokemon Go may seem like an undesirable thing at first glance, but savvy players know better than that. While these types of Pokémon can be hard to come by, they offer numerous benefits such as being able to use them as candy power-ups for other Pokémon or completing your Pokédex more quickly and easily than before. So keep your eyes open while playing; who knows – maybe you’ll be lucky enough to find one!

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