How strong will my Pokemon be after purifying?

If you’ve ever played Pokemon, you know how important it is to have strong and powerful Pokemon in your team. But do you know that purifying your Pokemon can make them even stronger? Let’s take a look at how the purification process works and what effects it could have on your team.

The process of purifying a Pokemon comes from the games Pokemon X & Y and has been present in several other games since then. Put simply, a purified Pokemon is one that has gone through an intense training program that involves battling wild Pokemon and facing other trainers. After an arduous journey, the trainer is rewarded with a stronger version of the same Pokemon they had before.

The boost in power makes sense; after all, the more experience a trainer has, the more adept they become at commanding their team in battle. So by sending your pokemon into battle against wild creatures and other trainers, you’re giving them invaluable experience that will help them become stronger when they return to your team.

How Much Will My Pokemon Improve?

This depends on each individual situation; some pokemon may only receive minor stat boosts while others may see major improvements. Generally speaking though, there are two main factors that determine how much a pokemon will improve after purification – it’s level and IVs (Individual Values). A higher-level pokemon will usually experience more significant improvements than one at lower levels because it already knows more moves as well as has higher stats like health and attack points. Additionally, IVs determine how strong your pokemon can be at any given level – so if yours has good IVs then it may show greater improvement than those with lower IVs.

In Pokemon GO, trainers often seek to optimize their team’s strength for battles. To achieve this, they rely on tools like the ‘Pokemon GO PVP Calculator‘ to calculate CP gains, ensuring their Pokémon are battle-ready and competitive in gym or PVP matches.


Ultimately, purifying your pokemon is an effective way to make them stronger without having to spend too much time grinding for levels or money on items such as EV Berries. The amount of improvement will depend on the individual pokemon’s level and IVs but overall it should provide a noticeable boost in strength that can give you an edge when battling tough opponents or participating in tournaments. So if you want to strengthen up your team quickly without having to put in too much work, consider sending them into battle for some combat training!

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