Is it worth keeping purified Pokemon?

In the popular video game Pokémon, players are able to capture and tame wild Pokémon. But not every wild Pokémon is available in its natural form—some are only available as “purified” versions. These purified versions can be a great addition to your team, but they come with a few drawbacks. So, is it worth keeping purified Pokémon? Let’s take a closer look.

Purified Pokemon benefits extend beyond simple stat boosts. By harnessing the power of purification, these Pokémon gain unique advantages, making them formidable contenders in battles. Understanding the strategic advantages of purified Pokémon is crucial for any aspiring trainer looking to gain the upper hand in the world of Pokémon battles.”

The Pros of Purified Pokemon

The biggest pro of purified Pokemon is that they tend to have higher stats than their non-purified counterparts. This means that they’re more powerful in battle and can easily take on opponents that would otherwise be too much for them. Additionally, purified Pokémon don’t have any negative status effects like poison or confusion, making them more reliable in tough battles.

Another benefit of purified Pokémon is that they tend to learn new moves faster than other wild Pokémon do. This makes them ideal for teaching your team new strategies and attacking patterns. And if you need an entirely new type of attack, you can always teach one of your purified Pokémon a move from another species of Pokemon—something not possible with other types of Pokemon!

The Cons of Purified Pokemon

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks to having purified Pokémon in your collection as well. For starters, these creatures tend to be less durable than their non-purified counterparts—they typically take more damage from attacks and don’t last as long in battle before needing to be healed or switched out for another member of your team. Additionally, purified Pokemon cannot breed with other Pokemon, so if you want to create a new generation of powerful creatures then you won’t be able to do so using only purebreds.

Finally, while they may have higher stats than regular wild Pokemon, many players find that the cost of maintaining their purified team outweighs the benefits they gain from having them around. In addition to needing additional healing items and potions due to their low durability, these creatures also require more experience points (XP) in order to level up compared to regular wild ones—which means spending more time grinding away at battles instead of exploring the world around you!


Overall, it is worth keeping purified Pokemon in your collection if you want some extra power during battle or need certain moves quickly taught. However, keep in mind that these creatures require more resources and XP than regular wild ones do—so if you don’t think it’s worth the extra effort then perhaps it’s best just stick with catching normal ones! Ultimately the decision is yours – so decide wisely!

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