Pokemon Go IV Chart

In the dynamic world of Pokemon Go, dedicated trainers understand that success goes beyond just capturing the creatures that appear on their screens. To truly excel in this augmented reality game, one must delve into the intricate mechanics that underpin a Pokemon’s potential. At the heart of this complexity lies the Individual Values (IVs) of each Pokemon, a trio of hidden attributes that significantly influence a creature’s prowess in battles and overall performance. To harness the full potential of your Pokemon, you need to comprehend the intricacies of these IVs, and that’s where the Pokemon Go IV Chart comes into play. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Pokemon Go IV Chart, a valuable tool that allows trainers to decipher their Pokemon’s hidden strengths and weaknesses.

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What are IVs in Pokemon Go?

Before we jump into the IV chart, let’s clarify what IVs are. IVs, or Individual Values, are three hidden statistics that determine a Pokemon’s potential in the game. These values are Attack, Defense, and Stamina, each ranging from 0 to 15. A perfect Pokemon would have IVs of 15 in each category, making it exceptionally strong.

Assessing IVs

Understanding the IVs of your Pokemon is essential for effective gameplay. Here’s how you can assess them:

  • Appraisals: In Pokemon Go, your team leader can provide vague insights into your Pokemon’s IVs through appraisals. They will use phrases like “Its stats are impressive,” or “Its stats can’t be beat!” which indicate high IVs.
  • IV Calculator Apps: Various third-party apps and websites can calculate your Pokemon’s IVs. By entering your Pokemon’s CP (Combat Power), HP (Hit Points), and the Stardust required for powering up, these tools provide you with an accurate assessment of your Pokemon’s IVs.

The IV Chart

The IV chart is a visual representation of a Pokemon’s IVs. It allows you to quickly compare your Pokemon’s potential across Attack, Defense, and Stamina. Here’s what the IV chart typically looks like:

Attack (0-15) | Defense (0-15) | Stamina (0-15)

IV charts are typically displayed in a 15×15 grid, with each cell representing a different combination of IVs. The highest IV values (15, 15, 15) are often marked as “Perfect.”

IV charts are helpful for assessing a Pokemon’s overall potential at a glance. For example, a Pokemon with an IV spread of 15-10-8 would have a different potential compared to one with 10-15-8.


  • Prioritize High Attack IVs: Attack plays a significant role in battle effectiveness, so higher Attack IVs are generally preferable.
  • Consider Defensive IVs for Gym Defense: For Pokemon assigned to defend Gyms, high Defense and Stamina IVs can help them last longer in battles.
  • Keep Perfect IVs in Mind: A Pokemon with perfect IVs (15-15-15) is ideal for both raids and PvP battles, as it has the highest possible potential.


Several online tools and calculators help you visualize IV charts and find out which IV combinations are possible for each species. These tools make it easier to identify the potential of your Pokemon.


Mastering the IV chart is essential for Pokemon Go players who aim to build strong teams for raids, gym battles, or PvP battles. Understanding IVs and using the IV chart to your advantage can make a significant difference in your gameplay experience. So, the next time you catch a powerful Pokemon, don’t forg

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