Catch Eevee in Pokémon GO – Locations Guide

Greetings, fellow Pokémon trainers! Are you ready to embark on an epic adventure to catch the versatile Eevee in Pokémon GO? Look no further, as we have prepared a comprehensive guide to help you discover the best locations to find this elusive creature. So, tighten your Pokeball straps and let’s dive into the exciting world of Eevee hunting!

Whether you’re just starting your journey or you’re an experienced trainer, finding Eevee can sometimes feel like trying to catch a Shiny Pokémon. But fear not! We’ve scoured the Pokeverse and gathered valuable information on the most promising spots where Eevee likes to hang out.

Picture this: you’re walking through a bustling urban park, surrounded by fellow trainers eagerly searching for their next catch. Suddenly, your phone buzzes with excitement – an Eevee has appeared on your screen! Snatching this rare opportunity, you carefully execute your throwing technique and… success! You’ve caught yourself a precious Eevee.

But where can you experience this thrill? Here are some of the best places to find Eevee in Pokémon GO:

Key Takeaways:

  • Urban parks and city centers are popular Eevee hotspots.
  • Keep an eye out for Eevee in residential areas, especially around schools and playgrounds.
  • Waterfront locations, such as beaches and lakes, have been known to harbor Eevee spawns.
  • During special events and Community Days, Eevee sightings are more frequent.
  • Using Incense or Lure Modules can attract Eevee to your location.

Now that you know where to find Eevee in Pokémon GO, it’s time to put your newfound knowledge into action! Hunt down this enchanting Pokémon and add it to your collection of powerful creatures. Remember, patience and persistence are key. So, grab your smartphone, head outside, and let the Eevee-catching adventure begin!

Tips for Finding Eevee in Pokémon GO

Looking to add Eevee to your Pokémon GO collection? We’ve got the inside scoop on how to catch Eevee in Pokémon GO, along with essential tips for finding this elusive Pokémon. Whether you’re a seasoned trainer or just starting your Pokémon journey, these expert strategies will increase your chances of encountering Eevee.

Master Your Throwing Technique

When Eevee appears on your screen, it’s crucial to nail your throwing technique to ensure a successful catch. Aim for “Excellent” or “Great” throws, as they increase your capture rate. Practice your throws to develop accuracy and precision. Remember, a well-executed throw can make all the difference in catching Eevee.

Visit Eevee Hotspots

Eevee tends to frequent certain areas more frequently than others. By knowing where to look, you can significantly increase your chances of encountering this versatile Pokémon. Here are some popular Eevee hotspots:

  • Central Park, New York City
  • Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
  • Millennium Park, Chicago
  • Disneyland, Los Angeles
  • Victoria Park, London

These locations are often buzzing with Eevee spawns, allowing you to catch multiple Eevee in a single visit. So pack your Poké Balls and head to these hotspots for an unforgettable Eevee hunting adventure.

Take Advantage of In-Game Events

Niantic regularly hosts in-game events that increase the spawn rate of specific Pokémon, including Eevee. Keep an eye on the official Pokémon GO website and social media channels to stay updated on upcoming events. These events are the perfect opportunity to stock up on Eevee candy and catch rare variations like shiny Eevee.

“Catching Eevee is all about being in the right place at the right time. Stay informed about in-game events and hotspots, and you’ll be well on your way to adding Eevee to your Pokémon team!”

Use Lures and IncenseUse Lure Modules or Incense to attract Pokémon, including Eevee, to your location. These items can increase the chance of encountering Eevee, especially in areas where it’s not commonly found.
Explore Different BiomesEevee spawns are influenced by the surrounding environment. Visit different biomes, such as parks, beaches, or forests, to diversify your chances of finding Eevee.
Play during Weather BoostsTake advantage of weather boosts, as they can increase the appearance rate of particular Pokémon, including Eevee. Keep an eye on the in-game weather feature to know when Eevee spawns are more likely to occur.

Rare Eevee Spawn Areas in Pokémon GO

Are you on a mission to catch that elusive Eevee in Pokémon GO? Well, you’re in luck! In this section, we’ll unveil the rare spawn areas where Eevee tends to make appearances. Knowing these locations can significantly increase your chances of encountering this adorable Pokémon. So, let’s dive right in!

1. Central Park, New York City

If you find yourself in the heart of New York City, make sure to visit Central Park. This iconic location is not only a popular tourist spot but also a hotspot for Eevee spawns. With its sprawling greenery and diverse Pokémon population, you’ll have a great chance of encountering plenty of Eevee here.

2. Santa Monica Pier, Los Angeles

The sunny beaches of Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles are not only perfect for a leisurely stroll but also an excellent hunting ground for Eevee. The combination of water-type Pokémon and the coastal atmosphere makes this location a rare Eevee hotspot.

3. Millennium Park, Chicago

Head to the Windy City’s Millennium Park, and you’ll find yourself in another Eevee nest. This urban oasis offers stunning architecture, beautiful gardens, and, of course, a chance to catch plenty of Eevee. Don’t miss out on this prime Pokémon hunting spot.

4. Yoyogi Park, Tokyo

Traveling to Tokyo? Pay a visit to Yoyogi Park, a bustling oasis in the heart of the city. With its expansive grounds and diverse Pokémon population, this park is a treasure trove for Eevee hunters. Explore the beautiful surroundings and keep an eye out for those elusive Eevee spawns.

rare eevee spawns in pokemon go

Remember to approach these rare Eevee spawn areas with your Pokémon GO Plus or Poké Ball Plus to maximize your chances of catching this versatile Pokémon. Happy hunting!

Central Park, New York CityA hotspot for Eevee spawns with its sprawling greenery and diverse Pokémon population.
Santa Monica Pier, Los AngelesThe combination of water-type Pokémon and the coastal atmosphere makes this location a rare Eevee hotspot.
Millennium Park, ChicagoThis urban oasis offers stunning architecture, beautiful gardens, and plenty of Eevee spawns.
Yoyogi Park, TokyoAn expansive park with diverse Pokémon population, including plenty of Eevee spawns.


And that concludes our Pokémon GO Eevee locations guide! We’ve shared valuable tips, uncovered rare spawn areas, and highlighted hotspots where you’re most likely to encounter this versatile Pokémon. Armed with this knowledge, you’re ready to embark on your quest to catch Eevee and add it to your collection.

Remember, Eevee can be found in various habitats, including parks, residential areas, and urban environments. Keep your eyes peeled for Grass-type Pokémon nests, as these tend to be popular Eevee spawn areas. High-footfall locations like shopping centers and tourist attractions can also be fruitful hunting grounds.

But don’t forget to explore outside the city limits too! Eevee has been known to appear in rural areas, near water bodies, and even in the vicinity of historical landmarks. So, whether you’re strolling through a bustling city or exploring the tranquil countryside, you have a great chance of encountering this fascinating Pokémon.

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