Shaymin Forms Compared: Which Is Best in Pokémon GO?

In the world of Pokémon GO, Shaymin is a unique and powerful Pokémon with two distinct forms – the Sky Form and the Land Form. These two forms offer different stats, movesets, and abilities, creating an intriguing comparison for trainers seeking to optimize their gameplay. In this article, we will delve into the details of each form, comparing their attributes and analyzing their potential to determine which Shaymin form is better in Pokémon GO.

Key Takeaways:

  • Shaymin has two different forms in Pokémon GO – the Sky Form and the Land Form.
  • Each form has unique stats, movesets, and abilities, providing diverse strategic options.
  • Choosing the best Shaymin form depends on your playstyle and team composition.
  • Consider the specific strengths and weaknesses of each form before making a decision.
  • Experiment with both forms to find the one that suits your strategic approach the best.

Shaymin Sky Form

Shaymin’s Sky Form is an alternate form that brings unique attributes to the Pokémon GO battlefield. Let’s dive into the details of this form, including its stats, moveset, and abilities.


Shaymin Sky Form possesses impressive base stats that allow it to excel in specific areas of battle. Here are the base stats of Shaymin Sky Form:

Special Attack120
Special Defense75

These stats highlight Shaymin Sky Form’s remarkable Speed and Special Attack, making it an excellent choice for quick strikes and powerful special moves.


Shaymin Sky Form has access to various movesets, each offering unique advantages in battle. Here are some notable moves in Shaymin Sky Form’s arsenal:

  • Air Slash
  • Seed Flare
  • Psychic
  • Earth Power

Combining its high Special Attack with moves like Seed Flare and Psychic, Shaymin Sky Form can deal significant damage to opponents.


Shaymin Sky Form possesses the ability Serene Grace, which increases the likelihood of additional effects occurring from moves. This ability enhances its already potent moveset, increasing the chances of inflicting status conditions or triggering critical hits.

When strategizing with Shaymin Sky Form, consider utilizing its abilities alongside its impressive stats and moveset to maximize its potential in battles.

Shaymin Land Form

In this section, we will delve into Shaymin’s Land Form and explore its unique attributes and capabilities. The Land Form of Shaymin showcases different base stats, movesets, and abilities that contribute to its overall performance in Pokémon GO.

Base Stats

Let’s start by examining Shaymin’s base stats in its Land Form:

Special Attack100
Special Defense100

With balanced base stats across the board, Shaymin’s Land Form possesses a well-rounded foundation, making it versatile in various battle scenarios.


Shaymin’s Land Form has access to a diverse range of moves, enabling it to adapt to different strategies. Some notable moves in its moveset include:

  • Seed Flare – a powerful Grass-type move that can deal significant damage to opposing Pokémon.
  • Earth Power – an effective Ground-type move that can target a wide range of opponents.
  • Air Slash – a Flying-type move that not only inflicts damage but also has a chance to cause the target to flinch.
  • Energy Ball – a versatile Grass-type move that can lower the opposing Pokémon’s Special Defense.

These moves, along with others in Shaymin’s Land Form’s moveset, offer strategic options to adapt to different battle situations.


Shaymin’s Land Form possesses the ability Natural Cure, which allows it to automatically heal from status conditions, such as paralysis or poisoning, when switched out of battle. This ability provides valuable longevity and ensures that Shaymin can consistently contribute to your team’s success.

Additionally, Shaymin’s Land Form can learn the move Seed Flare through the use of a TM, further enhancing its offensive potential. This move, combined with Shaymin’s balanced base stats, grants it the ability to unleash devastating attacks on opposing Pokémon.

Now that we have explored Shaymin’s Land Form’s base stats, moveset, and abilities, we can gain a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities. This information allows us to make informed decisions when choosing the best form of Shaymin for our Pokémon GO teams.

Comparing Shaymin Forms

Now that we have explored the individual strengths and abilities of Shaymin’s Sky Form and Land Form, let us compare the two. As we assess the advantages and disadvantages of each form, we will consider their evolution process, including any requirements or special conditions. Furthermore, we will analyze how each form can contribute to a strategic deck in Pokémon GO, weighing their individual capabilities.

First, let’s dive into the evolution process of Shaymin. To obtain the Sky Form of Shaymin, players must first acquire the Land Form and then use a special item called the Gracidea Flower. When exposed to this flower, Shaymin will transform into its beautiful Sky Form, enhancing its stats and opening up new possibilities in battles.

shaymin evolution

Sky Form vs. Land Form: Comparing Stats and Movesets

When it comes to stats, Shaymin’s Sky Form receives a significant boost in Speed, making it more agile and allowing it to outpace opponents. On the other hand, the Land Form excels in Defense and Attack, making it a formidable tank in battles. Depending on your playstyle and team composition, the Sky Form’s speed may give you an advantage in quick and coordinated strikes, while the Land Form’s sturdiness could provide a reliable defensive backbone.

In terms of movesets, both forms of Shaymin have unique movepools that cater to different playstyles. The Sky Form utilizes moves like Air Slash, Aromatherapy, and Seed Flare, allowing it to deal heavy damage from a distance and support its allies. On the contrary, the Land Form relies on moves such as Earth Power, Energy Ball, and Seed Bomb, enabling it to unleash devastating attacks and dominate the battlefield.

The Role of Shaymin Forms in a Strategic Deck

Now, let’s consider how each form can contribute to a strategic deck in Pokémon GO. The Sky Form’s speed and wide array of supporting moves make it an excellent choice for players who prefer a hit-and-run playstyle or value versatility in their team compositions. On the other hand, the Land Form’s durability and powerful attacking moves make it a valuable asset for players who prioritize sturdy defenses and heavy-hitting capabilities.

When building your deck, consider the strengths and weaknesses of each Shaymin form and how they can complement the rest of your team. Pairing the Sky Form with Pokémon that benefit from its supporting moves, such as healers or special attackers, can create a well-balanced and versatile team. Alternatively, the Land Form’s high Defense and Attack stats make it an ideal partner for Pokémon that require a solid physical presence on the battlefield.

In conclusion, the decision between Shaymin’s Sky Form and Land Form ultimately boils down to your preferred playstyle and the needs of your team. Both forms offer distinct advantages and have the potential to greatly enhance your Pokémon GO experience. Consider the unique traits of each form, the evolutionary process, and how they fit into your overall strategy to make an informed decision that aligns with your goals as a Pokémon Trainer.


After a thorough examination of Shaymin’s Sky Form and Land Form, it is evident that both forms offer unique advantages in Pokémon GO. The choice between the two ultimately depends on your preferred playstyle and the specific needs of your team.

Shaymin’s Sky Form boasts impressive Speed and Special Attack stats, making it a formidable attacker. With access to moves like Air Slash and Seed Flare, it can deal significant damage to opponents. Additionally, its ability, Serene Grace, increases the likelihood of secondary effects, giving it an edge in battles.

On the other hand, Shaymin’s Land Form excels in Defense and Special Defense stats, allowing it to withstand heavy hits. With moves like Seed Bomb and Earth Power, it can dish out respectable damage while also enduring attacks from opponents. Its ability, Natural Cure, ensures that any status conditions are automatically healed when switched out.

Consider the strengths and weaknesses of each form, and choose the Shaymin form that best aligns with your strategic approach. Whether you prefer a fast and offensive playstyle or a more defensive and resilient strategy, both Shaymin forms have their merits. Experiment with different forms to find the one that suits your team composition and tactical preferences.

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