Advanced Pokemon GO Evolution Calculator

Are you tired of guessing which Pokemon to evolve and power up in Pokemon GO? Do you want to maximize your resources and build the most powerful team for battles and raids? Look no further than the Advanced Pokemon GO Evolution Calculator. In this guide, we’ll explore what makes this tool advanced and how it can help you become a Pokemon master.

What Is the Advanced Pokemon GO Evolution Calculator?

The Advanced Pokemon GO Evolution Calculator is a powerful tool designed to assist trainers in making informed decisions about which Pokemon to evolve and invest resources in. Unlike basic calculators, this advanced tool takes into account various factors that influence a Pokemon’s effectiveness in battles, raids, and PvP encounters.

Key Features of the Advanced Calculator

IV Assessment

The calculator considers a Pokemon’s Individual Values (IVs) – Attack, Defense, and Stamina. By factoring in high IVs, you can evolve and power up Pokemon that have the potential to reach their maximum combat capabilities.

Move Set Analysis

Not all moves are created equal. The Advanced Calculator evaluates a Pokemon’s moveset and determines if it has the ideal moves for its type and intended use, whether it’s for gym battles, raids, or player vs. player (PvP) battles.

Type Matchups

Type advantages and disadvantages play a crucial role in battles. This calculator analyzes a Pokemon’s type and its effectiveness against other types, helping you choose Pokemon that excel in specific matchups.

Raid Boss Recommendations

For raid enthusiasts, the tool provides recommendations on the best Pokemon to use against specific raid bosses. It takes into account the raid boss’s type and moves, ensuring you assemble a formidable team for the battle.

PvP League Optimization

If you’re into PvP battles, the calculator can help you build teams tailored to different PvP leagues, such as Great League, Ultra League, and Master League. It suggests Pokemon with optimal CP ranges and movesets for each league.

How to Use the Advanced Pokemon GO Evolution Calculator

Using the advanced calculator is straightforward:

  • Input Your Pokemon’s Details: Enter your Pokemon’s species, CP, current level, and appraisal results to get started.
  • Analyze the Recommendations: The tool will generate a list of recommendations based on the factors mentioned above, along with a rating or ranking system to indicate each Pokemon’s potential.
  • Make Informed Decisions: Armed with this information, you can confidently decide which Pokemon to evolve, power up, or use in battles.

Benefits of Using the Advanced Calculator

  • Resource Efficiency: Save Stardust and candies by investing in Pokemon with high potential for combat effectiveness.
  • Competitive Advantage: Gain an edge in gym battles, raids, and PvP battles by using the best possible Pokemon for each situation.
  • Maximize Fun: Enjoy the game more by strategically building your team and taking on challenges with confidence.


The Advanced Pokemon GO Evolution Calculator is an invaluable tool for serious trainers looking to optimize their Pokemon roster. With its advanced features, you can make informed decisions, maximize your resources, and excel in various aspects of the game. Whether you’re a casual player or a hardcore trainer, this calculator can help you become a true Pokemon master. Start using it today and watch your Pokemon journey reach new heights!

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