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Pokemon Go, the immensely popular augmented reality mobile game, has evolved over the years to include a variety of features that promote social interaction and trading is a key component of this. Trading Pokemon is not only fun, but it can also help players complete their Pokedex and obtain powerful creatures. However, with the introduction of trade costs, players need to be strategic about their trades. In this article, we will explore the world of Pokemon Go trading and introduce you to the indispensable tool known as the Pokemon Go Trade Cost Calculator.

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The Importance of Trading in Pokemon Go

Trading has been a part of the Pokemon Go experience since 2018. It allows players to exchange Pokemon with friends or others in close proximity, leading to several benefits:

  • Pokedex Completion: Trading provides an avenue for players to obtain region-specific Pokemon that they might not find in their own geographic area.
  • Lucky Pokemon: Trading can result in “Lucky” Pokemon, which require less Stardust to power up and have improved IVs (Individual Values), making them stronger.
  • Candy and Stardust: Players can earn Candy for the traded Pokemon’s species, and they can also receive bonus Stardust for special trades.
  • Special Trades: Certain Pokemon, like legendary or shiny Pokemon, are classified as “Special Trades.” These can be costly in terms of Stardust, which brings us to the Trade Cost Calculator.

Understanding Trade Costs

To prevent potential abuse and ensure a level of balance, Niantic introduced trade costs in Pokemon Go. Trade costs are calculated based on various factors, including friendship levels, distance, and whether the trade is considered a special trade. The main components of trade costs are Stardust and Candy.

  • Regular Trades: These are standard trades between friends and incur relatively low Stardust costs.
  • Special Trades: These are typically one-per-day and involve Legendary, Shiny, or regionally exclusive Pokemon. Special trades come with high Stardust costs, sometimes exceeding one million Stardust.

The Trade Cost Calculator: A Valuable Tool

To make the most of your trades in Pokemon Go, you’ll want to use a Trade Cost Calculator. This tool helps you determine the exact trade cost for any given trade, allowing you to make informed decisions and minimize Stardust expenses.

  • Friendship Level: Your friendship level with the person you are trading with has a significant impact on trade costs. Higher friendship levels result in lower Stardust requirements.
  • Special Trades: For special trades, the cost depends on your friendship level and the rarity of the Pokemon. The calculator will help you assess if a trade is worth the high Stardust expenditure.
  • IV and CP Rerolls: Players often trade Pokemon with the intention of rerolling their IVs or CPs. The calculator can help you predict the Stardust cost for such trades.

How to Use the Trade Cost Calculator

Using a trade cost calculator is simple. You typically need to input information about the trade, such as the type of Pokemon, friendship level, and whether it’s a special trade. There are several online tools and mobile apps available that provide this functionality, ensuring you have all the information you need to make wise trading decisions.


Trading in Pokemon Go is an exciting feature that adds a layer of social interaction to the game. However, with the introduction of trade costs, players need to be strategic to maximize their benefits. The Pokemon Go Trade Cost Calculator is a vital tool for players looking to optimize their trades, helping them save Stardust and Candy while expanding their collections.

So, whether you’re looking to complete your Pokedex, obtain Lucky Pokemon, or make special trades, be sure to use a Trade Cost Calculator to make informed decisions and ensure you get the most out of your Pokemon Go trading experience.

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