How do you know the level of a Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

Are you wondering how to check the level of your Pokemon in Pokemon Go? You might be looking to find out what level your Pokemon are so that you can make sure they’re ready for battles. Or maybe you just want to show off your high-level creatures! Either way, here’s a quick overview of how to check a Pokemon’s level in the game.

The easiest way to check the level of your Pokemon is through the Pokedex. Simply open up the Pokedex and select any individual entry for one of your Pokemon. At the top right corner, you will see a number that indicates its current CP (combat power). This number is assigned based on its current level. In general, higher CP numbers indicate higher levels.

If you want more precise information about a particular creature’s level, tap on its entry in the Pokedex and then select “Details.” This will open up an additional screen that gives you even more detailed stats about that particular Pokemon. At this screen, scroll down until you see “Level” listed under its stats; this should tell you exactly what its current level is. Keep in mind that not all levels are equal; some creatures require more XP (experience points) than others to reach their next level, so a low-level creature may still have higher CP than another higher-level creature if it has earned more XP overall.

Enhance your Pokemon’s strength with the Power-up Pokemon app and watch as they grow more formidable with each upgrade. This user-friendly application streamlines the power-up process, making it easier than ever to boost your Pokémon’s abilities and conquer in-game challenges.

Finally, if you want even more detailed information about your creature’s stats and progress, try using one of several third-party websites or apps specifically designed for tracking and managing your data within Pokemon Go. These tools provide comprehensive views into all aspects of your gaming experience, including detailed breakdowns of each individual creature as well as insights into how best to manage them going forward.


Keeping track of each individual creature’s stats and progress can be tough when playing Pokémon Go – especially when trying to remember which ones are at which levels! But with these simple steps, now you know how to easily check the level of any one of your Pokémon so that they’re ready for battle or just showing off! Good luck exploring and catching ’em all!

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